Gain instance visibility into how your program is performing with Chime’s AmpBi Platform

At Chime we believe in transparency and continuous improvement.  We offer all our clients a view into the performance of their customer contract program managed by our team.  Our clients can view performance dashboards at the program, team or employee level through our cloud-based performance management platform called AmpBI.  AmpBi seamlessly connects every employee, manager and our clients to dashboards, giving everyone a clear understanding of what’s important today, tomorrow, always.

With AmpBi, Chime Drives Sustainable and Repeatable Employee Performance. Improve Sales, Customer Satisfaction and Employee Retention through its innovative cloud based performance management platform.  Our clients get unparalleled simplicity and flexibility in viewing site, program, team and employee performance, without the hours and days traditionally wasted gathering and displaying data for presentation.


Employee Development:

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Employee development is a continuous cycle of learning and development activities meant to deliver on a single goal – motivating and empowering employees to greater results.

To amplify employee development, we provide an integrative view of real-time performance indicators, learning opportunities, coaching activities, and best-practice behaviors – all with anywhere access so we can simply and quickly pinpoint both growth and corrective opportunities.



Reinvented Performance Management:

Too much data, across too many sources, takes too long to identify and prioritize root causes, often stifling any action and thereby allowing challenges to evolve into deep-rooted habits that are damaging and difficult to change.

Chime’s AmpBI Platform integrates performance dashboards, learning events, coaching sessions, and social visibility with platform automation and the power of your own high performing people, to create a powerful blueprint for proactive performance management.


Intelligent Coaching:

Too little focus on positive development and falling down on follow-through is where most coaching fails.  And while we all know who our top performers are, what are the behaviors producing success?  How do we present those behaviors in a way that fuels improved performance in other employees?

To amplify coaching effectiveness, we connect behavioral best practices with an engine that designs a methodical coaching blueprint, complete with tasks and notifications for managers, giving shared visibility into high performer successes and automating accountability.


Smarter Training:

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Training is often just an initial instructional event, or an after-the-fact remediation tactic. It’s also typically only offered by training personnel.  What if training and reference materials were part of ongoing daily development, were precisely targeted to individual needs, and could easily be assigned by anyone?




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