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We are on a mission to create at least 10,000 jobs in 10 cities by 2020, connecting communities, corporations, and untapped talent, across America.

By bringing our proven model to new communities, leveraging our experienced leadership team, and building strategic long-term partnerships.

How do Corporations, Communities and Job-Seekers Benefit?

Businesses often lack opportunities to amplify corporate social responsibility and supplier diversity initiatives. Chime Solutions provides an opportunity for corporations to procure high-value services while supporting socially conscious community development.
Under-resourced communities need to drive economic growth and social value to avoid being left behind. Introducing 1,000 new jobs to a community, will reduce unemployment rates, bringing economic and social value back to that community.
Job Seekers
Job Seekers
Able candidates looking to reach their full potential often have a tough time finding well-paying, local job opportunities. Through this initiative, new job and career advancement opportunities will empower individuals to take steps towards reaching their full potential.

The Multiplier Effect

Think one job is just one job? Think again. Let’s do the math—1 job created will generate an additional 2.5 jobs by leveraging the Multiplier Effect.
Our goal to create 10,000 jobs won’t stop there. It’ll go even further to generate an additional 25,000 jobs. At Chime, we’re the multiplier that helps companies succeed, individuals flourish, and communities thrive.

We Help Communities Reach Their Full Potential

Outsource With Purpose

Create Jobs in Community
Train Professionals to Your Brand
Technology for Flexible Work Force

Social Value + Economic Value
= Shared Value

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