People-Focused Approach, Technology-Driven Solutions

Our gamified tools and end-to-end program analytics make it simple to boost and measure engagement, productivity, and overall business success.

Our Cutting-Edge Capabilities

Chime is an integrated performance management and employee engagement platform that optimizes people, processes and technology to strengthen culture, the employee experience and business results.

Playing to Win

Game On

Transforming our office into sports teams promotes competition from our CEO down to our maintenance staff, providing complete inclusion.

Numbers Don't Lie

Centralized, real-time analytics allow for every level of the business to see and understand their team's metrics – redefining friendly competition.

Together We Win

Being able to effectively implement incentives and rewards strengthens our culture, brand and overall engagement.

Performance Improvement Highlights

Improve Accuracy

Score average across all programs improved 26%.

Boost Morale

Weekly MVP awards are given to recognize and celebrate top agents.

Improve Quality

Score average across all programs improved 83%.

Increase Adherence

Score average across all programs improved 14%.

Reduce Absenteeism

Every player counts and each day matters.

Increase Productivity

Score average across all programs improved 24%.

The key to our success is our team chemistry.

“We differentiate on the basis of how we value and serve the people who make our success possible. Technology has enabled us to intelligently employ gamification within a comprehensive performance management framework which has significantly elevated employee engagement and effectiveness. Our clients realize the range of benefits that derive from happier, more loyal customers as we achieve our intended business growth and profits”
Mark Wilson, CEO

Chime Solutions