Know Your Customer by the Sound of Their Voice

Reliable, Secure Voice Recognition Solutions

Smart and Secure Voice Communications

We offer real-time voice authentication technology to instantaneously and securely verify the caller without archaic and intrusive methods like PINs, passwords, and personal questions. The result: enhanced security and cost savings, improved the customer experience, and reduction in average handle time.

Technology Driven Smart Performance

Secure Connection

We seamlessly authenticate the customer’s voice with Illuma AccessTM, our cutting edge voice recognition technology, for improved user experience.

Customer Experience

Our technology transforms the customer experience by getting right straight to the point while maintaining security and increasing satisfaction.

Efficient Learning

Our technology processes the caller’s voice, compares it to previous calls placed by the individual, and instantly sends verification to the Chime representative.

Improve the Customer Experience

Reduce Average Handle Time

Reduce Operating Cost

Applying Artificial Intelligence to give you an edge

Our elevated process leverages innovative technology and our proven customer service expertise for a simplified, efficient customer experience. Our Smart Technology runs passively in the background and continuously analyzes the unique characteristics of the speaker’s voice and recording device resulting in significantly higher authentication accuracy achieved in a fraction of the time.