Customer Service Delivered with Care

We're experts in providing consistent, high-quality customer care support through proven staffing, training, operations, and inventive technology solutions.

The quality of service on the other end of the phone influences how your customers view your company. Chime unique people-centered culture has translated into low attrition, high engagement and expertise, which has proven to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately, profitability.



Account Management

We can support all types of account management services for your customers including payments, service adds or cancellations, first party collections and up-sells and cross-selling to your customers.

Appointment Scheduling

We help your customers schedule visits, make appointments and receive reminders of the services you provide them. Our concierge services are delivered by our happy and experienced consultants.

Benefits Enrollment Administration

We provide high-quality support for employer health benefit programs. We support your customers that need extra guidance navigating complex health plans with our highly trained reps.

Help Desk and Tech Support

We offer both Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support for hardware devices and software applications addressing a broad range of technical and helpdesk issues.


We provide B2B sales programs focused on consultative based selling and developing a relationship with your customers and prospects. Our gamification platform drives performance and rich analytics.

Multi-lingual Support

Our state-of-the-art centers are located in diverse and labor-rich markets where we can source consultants that speak a variety of languages including Spanish, French, Korean, Russian and Mandarin.

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